Pet Sitter Wanted - Looking For Wonderful Pet Sitter To Care For My D Rottweiler He Is Very Loving And Fully Housebroken Not Mean At All

I'm in emergency desperate need for someone to keep my dog for about a week or less he is fully housebroken has been since he was 8weeks old he has never showed any agression to anyone he lives kids and cats I have not had him around other dogs up close and personal but with his personality if the other dog was cool with him he would be just fine I can provide all his food and visit him while he is in your care until i pick him up we are in a bad situation with having no home for a week or so and have no where literally no where for gator our rottweiler to go i will be with him in my car until i find a place for him it's very urgent i find someone willing to help him for a very short period of time i cant do the professional dog housing from like vets and pet stores i can not afford it plus i can not pay for his stay until i come to pick him up due to pay days being at the end of the week if you can and will help me or know of anyone able and willing please contact me asap thank you

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